Dallas GA Chiropractor Helps Locals Alleviate Pinched Nerve Pain


Dr. LaDonna Bense, the founder and owner of Back In Line Chiropractic Spine and Injury Specialist gives relief to those who are suffering from pinched nerve pain. Chiropractic techniques and physical rehab can quickly alleviate the pain while enabling the body to heal the condition or injury causing the pain. Dr. Bense specializes in providing effective natural solutions to a common yet bothersome problem.

Dallas GA – Dr. LaDonna Bense’s practice Back In Line Chiropractic Spine and Injury Specialist, offers relief to those who are suffering from a pinched nerve. A pinched nerve can be painful and can worsen quickly unless treated immediately and thoroughly. Chiropractic techniques and physical rehabilitation can allow Dr. Bense to provide fast, expert relief to her Dallas, GA patients.

“People who are suffering from what we call a pinched nerve may simply feel a little twinge to a certain part of their body,” says Dr. Bense. “They often continue on with normal activity, which aggravates the injury and the area, which then leads to more discomfort and pain. The person who is dealing with a pinched nerve often has no idea how to help the problem.” She adds, “They may mask their problems with pain killers, that simply is not a real solution. It is merely addressing symptoms.”

The word pinched nerve covers various issues that have different pain ratings. One person may complain of a very sharp, direct pain while others have discomfort in a centralized area. Pinched nerves are painful for sure and can put a damper on your physical activities.

When a person is feeling these effects of this problem they may relate the pain to trigger points, subluxations or one of the tunnel syndromes. When people suffering from those situations visit Dr. Bense they are sometimes surprised as to what the true source of the pain is.

“Often,” says Dr. Bense, ” its a joint or muscle strain that is pinching on the nerve and causing the pain. The cause of the pain are sometimes located in different areas of the body. For an example, ” She notes, “someone may experience terrible pain in the shoulder blade or perhaps down the arm and the injury is actually in the neck. The first thing we do to treat the pinched nerve is to locate the actual area of the injury.”

Pain from a pinched nerves can be relentless and irritate the body and mind for hours, day and weeks at a time. A visit to Dr. Bense’s office can provide relief in a matter of minutes and the pain may permanently be erased after a few visits. The chiropractor is directly treating the area of problem, which a healing effect occurs when the body is brought back to an alignment. As your muscles relax and blood starts to flow, the mind is able to communicate with the hurt area since the stress in being relieved from the nerves.

According to Dr. Bense, the patient feels their pain diminish and their body starts to heal. As the body continues towards normalcy, the patient feels stronger and in more control of their situation.  Rehabilitation of both the nerve and muscles, as well as proper alignment of the spine, helps to ensure that the hurt area of the body is fully recovered.

For more information on Dr. LaDonna Bense, the founder and owner of Back In Line Chiropractic Spine and Injury Specialist, go to http://www.YourBackInLineNow.com  Back In Line Chiropractic specializes in injuries related to sports, auto accidents and most spinal conditions. They can be reached at 770-505-5665. Located at 110 Evans Mill Dr. Ste,. 105 Dallas, GA 30157.

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