Chiropractic or Drugs?

Believe it or not, pain is actually not all that bad.  It is the body’s natural way of telling us that something is definitely WRONG and needs to be fixed as soon as possible!  So in some ways, you can actually say that pain is one of your best pals.  No one wants to be on numerous medications for various ailments for the rest of their lives, especially when there is an alternative! Of course, we all want that immediate relief that drugs and other pain pills seem to give us.  But in reality, is it relief? Not really.  It is a simple act of masking the symptoms that are causing the pain in the first place.  Even the simplest over-the-counter medications deemed harmless can cause permanent and irrevocable damage if abused.  And you know what they say, even too much of a good thing is a bad thing.  However, everybody and their grandmother still tends to pop a Tylenol or Advil at the slightest hint of pain regardless of knowing the scientifically proven and detrimental side affects both have on the liver.  Furthermore, you can thank everyone and their dear ole granny for increasing liver failure in the U.S. due to acetaminophen overdose.  What most people are not aware of is that instead of putting their liver at risk, chiropractic care can not only help decrease and eventually alleviate most of this pain but can also help other ailments that human bodies endure over time.  For example, chiropractic care helped relieve a woman who had suffered from headache and migraine pains her entire life.  However, thanks to her excessive use of acetaminophen over the years, the liver and kidney damage she had sustained was permanent.  Don’t be the next victim.  Instead of turning to the simple solution, pay attention to your pain instead of medicating it away. 

Come join us today at Back in Line Chiropractic and Spine Injury Specialist and Dr. LaDonna Bense and her staff will further educate you on the important of chiropractic care versus medication and pain killers.  

110 Evans Mill Dr, Ste 105

Dallas, Georgia 30157




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