What to look for when looking for the BEST chiropractor.

When searching for a chiropractor how do you know you are calling a great one?  Usually, asking a friend or family member who is happy with their chiropractor is a great way to start. However, what if you are new to the area or you don’t know anyone who sees a chiropractor?  Start on the internet and then call those offices that are close to you.  The best indicator that you have called a caring, competent office is a well trained, happy person answering  the phone.  

 You will want to find a chiropractor who stays on the cutting edge of research and technology.  Do they have a website?  Do they use any technology to assess you?  Do they use X-rays to get a look inside? Does the Doctor perform an evaluation before any care is rendered?   Does the Chiropractor tell you what’s wrong, how they can help and what a care plan is before care is rendered?  When you meet with the Doctor, are you listened to?  Do you feel cared about? 

Many people are concerned about finances when they call offices and call around to price compare or to see who will be covered by their insurance.  A word of caution here, the old saying of “you get what you pay for” is even true in health care.  What we have found to be true is that doctors who don’t participate in insurance plans are able to give you the care you truly need without being severely limited by insurance regulators.


This is the friendly person you will hear over the phone. It is always nice to put a face to a name.To find out if we can help you and how we can be your chiropractor please call 770-505-5665 and ask Cindy some questions!

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