Does Anxiety and Depression Kill, Or Is It The Drugs That Kill??

Ian: “I see another celebrity has passed away due to overdose.” 

Alexa: “Yeah. It really is a shame. I hate to see so much talent being wasted in Hollywood.”

Ian: “Well I can imagine it being anxious and depressing traveling all the time and having to do all the stressful things that celebrities do.”

Alexa: “Yeah, I agree with you.”

It is people like Ian and Alexa that are not aware that celebrities, and many other people that suffer from anxiety and depression, have another solution available to them that doesn’t involve drugs.  With suicide rates steadily rising in the U.S., you can see why drug overdose tends to be a touchy subject.  Thousands of Americans take their own lives each and every year due to drugs meant to put a stopper in the diseases that drive them to committing such an act in the first place.  Although extremely sad, it is understandable for people who are hurting in this way to believe that there is only “one way out”.  Today, learn that chiropractic offers a better choice!!  Chiropractic plays a significant role in helping more Americans feel happier.  Visit and find out more information about the subject of chiropractic helping with stress, anxiety, depression, and much much more!



Back in Line Chiropractic 

110 Evans Mill Drive, Ste 105

Dallas, Georgia 30157


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