Acupuncture is an ancient form of Chinese medicine that involves using thin needles in different acupuncture points of the body. Needling these various acupuncture points can stimulate the body’s nervous system to release chemicals in the brain, spinal cord, and muscles.

Many patients come to Back In Line Chiropractic for acupuncture for treating medical conditions and reducing pain. It can help with respiratory, digestive, neurological, muscular and fertility disorders, aside from helping with chronic pain or discomfort. Some patients in Dallas, GA get acupuncture to coincide with their physician’s plan for treating a disorder, while others simply want an alternative to painkillers for the pain they experience every day.

Before your first acupuncture appointment, Dr. LaDonna Bense recommends the following:

  • Don’t eat a large meal before acupuncture treatment.
  • Don’t drink alcoholic beverages up to six hours before treatment.
  • Make time for rest at home following the appointment.
  • Continue following your physician’s instructions, such as taking prescribed medications.
  • Don’t engage in strenuous physical activity before getting acupuncture.

As long as patients follow these tips, and the others provided by Dr. Bense, they can find acupuncture very useful. Some patients will visit us for a single visit, while others continue getting acupuncture on a regular basis. Contact our office 770-505-5665 to find out more about the benefits of this type of treatment.

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