Muscle Pain

Muscle Pain

Muscle pain is a common occurrence among patients of Back in Line Chiropractic, and can be the result of many causes. Some patients have muscle pain and soreness from an overuse of the muscles, while others have chronic tension, sprains or other forms of injury or trauma. Chiropractic care for muscle pain helps patients find relief and acts as a great preventative measure with continued treatments.

Dr. LaDonna Bense offers the following chiropractic treatment options for muscle pain:

1. Therapeutic Massage – This type of massage helps to relieve the tension in the muscles by loosening them. With the relief of tension, the pain starts to subside.

2. Adjustments – Adjustments help realign the spine and can help with all types of pain, including muscle pain. In some patients, the muscle pain is actually a result of discs in the spine that are not aligned properly.

3. Exercise Tips – Dr. Bense also offers advice and tips for exercise, warm-ups and stretching to prevent further pain and soreness. Exercise is great for getting the blood circulating to ease muscle pain.

4. Dietary Recommendations – Our chiropractor also provides nutrition and diet advice to reduce and prevent muscle pain.

Patients who visit our Dallas, GA chiropractic office find that the more often they get chiropractic treatments, the less muscle pain they experience over time. This is because with chiropractic care, the body begins learning how to heal itself, reducing possible injuries.

Contact us at 770-505-5665 to find out more about our treatment solutions for muscle pain.

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