Here at Back in Line Chiropractic, we provide a variety of treatments for our patients. Among them are adjustments and manipulations, which are a common chiropractic care treatment. Many pain and injury issues our patients deal with are linked to the body being out of balance — which is frequently due to a lack of alignment in their spine. Vertebrae in the spine can become misaligned and affect not only the back, but nearly every process in the body, since everything is connected.

Adjustments, also known as manipulations, help move the vertebrae in the spine so that it is more properly aligned. This is done through manual manipulation by our chiropractor, Dr. LaDonna Bense, and can help with everything from back and shoulder pain to headaches to neck pain. Once one area of the body is improved, the nervous system is more balanced, helping with other issues as well.

We encourage all patients with any type of pain or discomfort to visit our Dallas, GA chiropractic office for adjustments and manipulations. If you think your pain might be due to your spine or are simply looking for natural alternatives, contact us today and schedule your first appointment. When you call, ask us about our new patient specials.

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