Therapeutic Exercise

Therapeutic Exercise

Therapeutic exercise utilizes a variety of movements and exercises to help our patients with their physical ailments. It is effective at post-surgery rehabilitation, stretching, improving range of motion and flexibility, improving coordination. Therapeutic exercise is useful in conjunction with weight training or other highly physical activities because these activities can cause muscle weakness and soreness, which is improved with proper therapeutic exercise provided by Dr. LaDonna Bense.

The following exercises are just a small number of the therapeutic exercises we teach our patients how to correctly perform:

1. Hip roll

2. Knee to chest partial sit-up

3. Cat-camel

4. Back extension

5. Low back extension

6. Double leg lifts

7. Superman

8. Spinal rotation

9. Internal shoulder rotation

10. External shoulder rotation

We provide instructions for these exercises, and have patents perform them right here in our chiropractic office. Many patients also do the exercises at home in between appointment to further improve their results. They have been highly successful in helping after an injury or surgery, and improving their range of motion.

Call Back In Line Chiropractic at 770-505-5665 to schedule a consultation and start on your therapeutic exercise routines today.

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